Physical Movement for Performance Workshop with Alex Rigg

On the 14th of November, 2018, Blueprint100 welcomed Alex Rigg as he held a “Movement for Physical Performance” workshop for our members. This workshop was requested by Emily Tough, a Blueprint100 member and artist, after realising she would find this a useful support mechanism to her Disruptors Fund performance. Emily was lucky enough to receive money from this fund and aims to create an outdoor movement piece about consumerism. Blueprint100 aims to support our members in any way that we can, and we were very excited to have Alex Rigg on board to help us think about new ways of exploring movement in a group.

Emily explains:

To help me with a Blueprint100 commission, the group set up a dance workshop with Alex Rigg, a well-known artist in the area. The aim was to learn how to improvise and move as a group. Alex took us through several techniques of motion before moving on to group work. The whole session was hilarious! And has definitely given me lots to think about in relation to the commission. Thank you!

Blueprint100 member, Agne, also wrote a little bit about her experience of the unique movement workshop:

The workshop started off with moving limbs and joints in circles which quickly escalated to a full on move-every-joint-and-limb-in-three-different-circle-directions… which was unexpectedly brilliant to say the least. Tiring as well, but didn’t expect this to be easy.

We went from this warm up to a couple of exercises. One of them was playing Tag! There were some rules to make it more fun and the ground we played on became smaller and smaller. All this led to us poking each other while standing shoulder to shoulder and shouting each other's surnames backwards. We laughed our heads off, it was so good.

Another exercise was to show different moves and walk across room while doing those moves and everyone repeating them after you. We suddenly became something similar to crabs, jumping ropes, and doing all sorts of things we didn’t imagine before we just did it.

To finish off we were told to tune in to each other and escalate any noise or movement until you end up with a word and then move on to another one. We ended up with shouting and moving as one. It was very freeing and fun. Would definitely recommend this and all the previous exercises.

All in all, workshop was great and would have definitely recommended to most others to come.

Blueprint100 say huge thank you to Alex Rigg for facilitating a unique and fulfilling movement workshop. We were certainly taken out of our comfort zone, but this enabled us to feel free and at ease to play and explore the way our bodies can move in all sorts of interesting ways. We had great fun and we smiled from start to finish - even though we were extremely sweaty by the end! It was a great way to spend a cold and dark Wednesday evening.

We look forward to working closely with Alex and his team next year (2019). Look out for information on his next performance piece “Orographic” which Blueprint100 are taking part in!


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