Not a Christmas Party

On the 18th of last month we decided to say thank you to all our members, collaborators and supporters for all the contributions they've made to our running over the last year. We thought what better way than with a party! Over the years, however, we've grown weary of the traditional Christmas party format and developed our own Blueprint100 tradition. In 2018 our “Not a Christmas Party” celebrated it's third anniversary! Whilst most Christmas party goers can expect tacky Christmas decorations, a buffet spread and the obligatory music, our Not a Christmas party was different! Although... it did technically have all of those things... Great food, provided by local cafe and caterers, Scrumptious. Great Music, provided by comic songwriting genius, Colin James. All encapsulated in a miasma of tinsel and fairy lights. Just as it should be. We suppose the main difference between our Not a Christmas Party and the bog standard office's festive offering is the name... The name and the incredible group of creative young people that attend it. We are so grateful to every single one of you! We hope the party (that may or may not have been a Christmas one) went some way to showing our appreciation and now that we've entered a new year we look forward to facing new challenges and embarking on new journeys alongside you. There are a lot of changes on the horizon in 2019 but we hope you all stay just as incredible. Thank you, from all the Blueprint100 Curatorial Team


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