Members Fund: Isla Gracie

Being a member of blueprint100 has helped me gain so much knowledge within the art industry. Since applying to Cardonald College in Glasgow I recently had the opportunity to take part in a 15-week life drawing course which would strengthen my portfolio greatly. The life drawing course came at a cost so I applied for members funding through blueprint100.

Life drawing was an intense 15 weeks which consisted of 3 hour lessons every Thursday after class, I struggled a lot to find my feet with getting proportions accurate but I finally grasped it. In finishing my portfolio and being extremely happy with my work, I was especially proud of my life drawing boards and how far I’d come from my first few life drawing lessons. Life drawing classes have improved my drawing skills and my ability to draw from eye and I can really see the progress that I’ve made since taking them.

To me, life drawing classes are highly demanding yet very rewarding and I would recommend them to anyone interested in building a portfolio and applying to art school. Without the help of the blueprint100 members fund, I would have not been able to participate in such a great opportunity.

Since completing my portfolio and sending away art school applications, I have recently received an unconditional offer from The Glasgow School of Art to study Jewellery and Silversmithing, without the support and encouragement of blueprint100 I would not have had the confidence to even apply to college, let alone art school. I can only thank them for their help and support. I am humbled and proud to say that I play a part in such brilliant organisation.

Written by Isla Gracie.


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