Failure is...

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

After the exhibition "Comfort in the Uncomfortable" we decided we would share our thoughts from our talks and experiences on the night. Putting yourself out there can feel like a performance and not always one you have agreed to, or in the role you thought you were playing. But by pushing down these barriers we can end up with unexpected elation and outcomes. These themes are continuing to be explored in the next project we have been involved in which is the Behavin?! Festival. The Behavin?! Festival will be held on the High Street, The Stove, The Plaza and the Oven from the 26th – 27th of July 2019 and is a DIY micro-festival of performance, live art and music in an upside-down world.

The following is a reflection from our Blueprint 100 CT member Blossom McCuaig

My fear of failure often inhibits me from even attempting to “put myself out there”. Re-reading the first draft of this blog post, I didn’t recognise myself in any of the words I had written. The thought of others reading that piece of writing made me want to move town. It was dry, academic and probably would have earned me a solid B- at university. The above comic is my attempt to adjust myself to a stressful task, in the spirit of Blueprint 100’s recent exhibition “Finding comfort in the uncomfortable”. Had I resigned myself to failure, I would not have produced this comic strip (my first ever), allowed myself to have fun experimenting with a messier style of drawing or been able to express myself in a way that rung true.

By channeling the voice your inner critic into something constructive and creative rather than paying it too much attention, you can curb failure to your own advantage, learning from it and adapting to it. This is something Blueprint is working hard to promote; it is also something that I try to remember every time I sit down to draw.


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