D&G College visit Blueprint100! By Liam Templeton

Back in October, blueprint100 played host to a group of art & design students from the Dumfries & Galloway College. The team delighted in telling the students about the various blueprint100 activities that have taken place over the past year, as well as taking the opportunity to outline our mission statement and vision for the future.

The students were then invited to participate in a short creative exercise that was intended to get them thinking about the state of the cultural landscape in and around Dumfries; how well their various interests are represented within that landscape, and how they might use their creativity to make their voices heard within the artistic community.

In order to achieve this, each student was provided with a variety of crafting materials, including implements for cutting, sticking, writing or drawing and source materials in the form art publications and brochures from recent cultural events. The participants were then instructed on how to construct an eight-page pamphlet through a series of cuts and folds and asked to decide upon a theme, either of their own imagining or using one of the provided prompts.

Having each constructed their own eight-panel document, they were then given three minutes to design a cover image that represented their chosen theme using the materials provided; after which time had elapsed they were asked to pass the document to the person seated to their left, who then had a further three minutes to create a subsequent page on the same theme. This process was repeated a total of eight times at the end of which each participant would have co-authored an eight-page document, or ‘zine, on a theme of their own choosing.

Themes ranged from serious issues such as climate change, body image and equality, to more lighthearted topics such as cats. Examples of each completed document in its exploded state can be seen below. Instructions on how to print and fold the pamphlets so that you can make and keep a physical copy for yourself can also be found below.

Having spent the better part of 30 minutes engaged in creative activity, the students were then asked to fill out a small evaluation form in which they were given the opportunity to feedback on their overall impression of blueprint100 and the kind of events they would like to see us produce in the future; after which, there was just enough time to give the group a short tour of the building before it was time for them to return to the college.


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