Comfort in the Uncomfortable

Last month the new Blueprint100 Curatorial Team launched our first exhibition. The theme of this event was “Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable”, which also forms the basis of our mission statement. To feel comfortable in the uncomfortable is synonymous with accepting our failures, growing from them and building upon them and, ultimately, finding strength in defeat. Through our work, presentations and discussions we tried to curb the negative connotations of failure by redefining it as a starting point from which to construct success, trust, inclusivity, cooperation and collaboration. It is from this starting point that we intend to develop the Blueprint100 membership programme throughout 2019 and 2020. By locating power, inspiration and drive in the ability to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable, we hope to build a meaningful and proactive network of creative practitioners that promotes a sense of worth that values the creativity and individuality of all of its members.

If this all excites you as much as it does us, please continue to follow our next series of blogs in which we will tell our individual stories of exploring discomfort and embracing failure. Until then, please enjoy the following photos from our opening night of "Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable” and thank you to all who came along. You made it a very special evening!


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