Cample Line

A few weeks ago, a small group from blueprint100 were invited to go on an adventure! An adventure to find out all about new rural gallery venture and brain child of Tina Fiske and Andy Goldsworthy, Cample Line. hidden far away in the remote untamed wilderness of …Thornhill!

We all immediately fell in love with the beautiful renovation work that has taken place at the sight, a former mill. From the stunning open upstairs gallery space, shadow lined walls and disguised fixtures, all designed specifically so as not to detract from the art on the walls. The whole building became an art piece, with so much care and thought invested that it left us all in awe.

After the obligatory tour and introduction to the building’s history, specifically the areas link to Doctor Grierson as well the overall concept behind the project we settled, coffees in hand, in to our seats to begin what should have been a preview of three films, in the end the conversation became too absorbing and we only had time for one, Corin Sworn’s film “The Foxes ”, an intriguing look at the effect of thirty years of change on a small Peruvian community. By……, by all accounts definitely worth the watch.

We ended the trip on a high by being given a rare glimpse of Andy Goldsworthy’s labour of love, dubbed the Leaf House. Hidden away it what had been a tiny and completely collapsed sandstone cottage, lovingly restored, was a huge floor to ceiling oak, glass fronted cabinet filled with spectacular installations and sculptures made entirely from leaves. it left us speechless.

Cample Line has all the signs of being a sure-fire success and all of us at Blueprint100 can’t wait to see the impact it will have on its community and look forward to working together in future on many exciting projects.

Thanks again to Tina Fiske for being such an inspiring and graceful host, Emily Cooper.

Upcoming events at Cample Line:

May You Live In Interesting Times, and other family stories

An on-going programme of films and other activities


Corin Sworn, The Foxes, 2013, 18 mins

Laura Horelli, The Terrace, 2011, 24 mins

Rania Stephan, Memories for a Private Eye, 33 mins

SUNDAY 15th JANUARY 2017, 4pm

Cample, Dumfriesshire, DG3 5HD

In association with Driftwood Cinema


To reserve a seat contact:

By Emily Cooper,  Blueprint100 curatorial team member


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