Blueprint100 do Fun Palace!

Fun Palaces is an ongoing campaign for cultural democracy, with an annual weekend of action every October.

The campaign promotes culture at the heart of community and community at the heart of culture.

The weekend of action uses the combination of arts, craft, science, tech, digital, heritage and sports activities, led by local people for local people, sharing their own passions and skills, as a catalyst for community-led transformation, with active participation for all ages.

When we heard about Fun Palaces we knew it was something perfect for Blueprint100 members and the wider public to get involved in. We decided to hold a one day event on the 6th October, 2018, in conjunction with many other Fun Palace events happening that weekend. This enabled Dumfries to join in on the fun and celebrate what it means to be a Doonhamer!

We all had super time throughout a fun-filled day consisting of tie-dying, mask making and wet felting. These events were completely free for people to take part in and something we are looking forward to offering again.

It's such a simple but effective idea - think of something fun and unique

run it FREE for people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in. We vote for Fun Palaces to become a much more regular thing and not just once a year!

There was lots of laughter and creativity all day long – it felt promising and uplifting. We are thankful to all at Fun Palaces for allowing us to get stimulated and have a very productive and memorable Saturday in the centre of the Dumfries. We look forward to doing it all over again next year!

Here is a comment from artist, Emily Tough, who held a very unique mask making workshop as part of our fun palace event:

“I had been looking forward to holding this workshop again after it’s first success at Eden Festival, so I was delighted to be asked to Blueprint100’s FUN PALACE! It was the perfect place to start throwing around the glitter and fake flowers that had been stored in my room since mid-summer. Everyone made such wonderful masks and really put the decorations to good use. Would love to do this workshop again!”


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