100 moves

Blueprint hosted a four week block of workshops facilitated by socio-ecological artist Kerry Morrison and sound artist Helmut Lemke beginning at the end of April this year. The aim of 100 Moves was to be a unique, alternative arts learning experience, exploring practicalities to practice, doing art, being an artist, survival and embracing failure as well as success.

The forms of the sessions were very flowing, we started off by taking a card from a box, on the card was a written task. We were challenged to complete a task and then show it to the group the following week. Having a specific creative avenue was a great enabler to some people, also the opportunity to share and even just having a specific gathering place for creatives was an interesting combination, in one of the sessions we shared a potluck meal.

As the sessions were free form they also allowed for ideas and ambition. As a group we ended up applying for the Nithlight commission from The Stove Network’ which was an unexpected, but wonderful outcome from these sessions.

The following is a conversation the group had about our experience at 100 moves:

Claire: what did you think 100 moves was going to be, any preconceptions?

Phillip: I went along on a bit of a whim to be honest, it was really the mention of a sound artist that got me through the door. I think I saw it on the stove website, I went along and it was nothing like I expected. The main thing was that I got some cards to take away at the end of that first meeting

Emily: Having the prompts was really interesting and I thought that we all made really quite good artwork out of having them.

Claire: It was nice the effort that went in, everyone made something really nice

Emily: I’m taking my performance somewhere else so that’s quite good, its nice that it continues out of the five minute prompt that I got. I liked having the small timescale to do things

Phillip: That and coupled with the limitation that the prompt embodies, these things get me to focus

Blossom: I think it was quite reassuring for me to see people make high quality pieces having invested no money in it, just making it from stuff you find around the house. I end up thinking that I need money for my projects where as you really don’t half of the times.

Phillip: I think for me it can be just a means of procrastination, to think I just need this piece of equipment or whatever to get on with what I want to do, but like you say its rarely the case, you just need to knuckle down.

Blossom: you do put up blocks for yourself, like time

Emily: it was also really nice hearing about Kerry and Helmut’s projects that they have done in the past, and quite expansive ways of making things that I hadn’t thought of before, like poo tomato plants

Claire: so you think its useful to have people like Kerry and Helmut who are more established. It wasn’t like they were imposing what they were doing on us, but building a network between yourself (when you are an emerging artist) and people who are more established just kind of helps you realise what’s possible.

Emily: and obviously getting this project has been really good (nithlight). I saw the commission and really didn’t consider applying for it at all

Phillip: I have been encouraged to take on the light element, which for me is completely new

Emily: we have been marching around the fields with rulers trying to figure stuff out, and I thought ‘I studied illustration, this is quite far away from that!” We were then getting really technical about where things are going, to go to make sure we could achieve what we wanted, while taking into account the reality of being in a field.

Phillip: I suppose in the process I have realised some things about my sort of approach. As you may have seen or heard in that piece that I did for 100 moves activity, it was very pattern based. What I focused on for the nithnight commission is also very much pattern and symmetry based, so I have unconsciously gone in a sort of similar direction, but in a more visual aspect.

Emily: and I have also wanted to work in festivals before, so it is not too far away from that.

Emily: it was nice to spend time with you guys just as you got the post, getting to know the new Blueprint group was good.

Claire: The workshops really set what I would want to do with Blueprint, the idea that there is a space that is open to things growing from it. I would not have thought that this would have happened when we first started, but it was both inspirational and practical at the same time. I feel like that was such a good start for us as a team.

if you want to check out what Nithlight was please follow the link: https://thestove.org/nithlight-by-night-a-reflection/


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