Fiona Marsh

I enjoy telling a story, using personal symbolism within my art, and I find this can help me function in my life exterior to an artwork. When painting or creating sculptures, I go into my own world where emotions are worked through differently. Situations make sense in their own way, presenting themselves to me afresh, similar to that of a dream. I create mystical landscapes that hold hints of a narrative, yet are left ambiguous for the viewer. I have a certain affinity with the composition of renaissance paintings and it is the fragments of architecture and peculiar settings in which many figures are often placed, that inspire me the most. 


Ruari Barber-Fleming

I am a photographer and videographer based in Dumfries & Galloway. I work primarily within the music & theatre industry covering events. I love capturing artists working in their element and being able to show that off to the world. For my own personal projects I enjoy photographing landscapes and portraiture. Taking landscapes is an extremely therapeutic process for me. Exploring the outdoors, finding the composition, using the appropriate equipment and waiting for the right light. It can be a very slow process but the reward is fantastic. Alternatively, with portraiture I enjoy using light and pose to manipulate and shape a person in a particular way to create a certain tone or mood.

Find out more about Ruari's work by visiting: Ruari Barber-Fleming Media


Sarah Rogers

I produce handcrafted jewellery creating bespoke and limited collections of work. Dumfries and Galloway’s idyllic scenery is a major influence in the majority of my work. Growing up surrounded by woodland and endless fields, I could step out of the house and enter into an enchanted world full of beautiful plants and animals where my imagination could run free. I still find nature’s ability to so easy immerse and ground me in that moment through the sounds, smells, and textures that weave together truly incredible.

My work focuses on structural organic forms created predominantly in gold and silver wires, and cast components. I like playing with the fragility and delicacy of the pieces and how they can be layered and connected adding intricate levels of detail. The technique Plique à Jour enables me to add hints of playful colour and vibrancy into my work in a way that fits in with the delicate flow and style of my designs.

As well as my most recent collection of jewellery featuring delicate, wearable pieces that have been inspired by flowers, petals, and elements of the forest floor. My main focus has now shifted towards specialising in tiaras, hair pieces, and bridal jewellery.

Kirsty Turpie

Over the past few years I have really enjoyed working on large scale projects as although my training is in Graphic Design I have a large passion for many areas of creativity and I especially enjoy working on purpose- ful projects that can enhance a space or help others in the community to learn new skills and express them- selves. 

In my small scale and large scale works I enjoy using bright colours and collage elements to create a playful, friendly relationship with the viewer and a lasting experience or message. I aim to spread positive messages, promote the beauty of the natural world, and integrate my own and others' happy memories to show joy in the human condition. 

Since returning to Dumfries and Galloway in 2015 I have predominantly been working as a Graphic Designer and Community Artist, whilst also taking on commissions and opportunities to exhibit. From 2018 - 2020 I worked as a Public Art project worker for The Stove Network’s Creative Futures project in which my remit was to involve the communities of North West Dumfries in Public Art projects. This saw me facilitate projects to upgrade the Lincluden Rhino Statue, create a commemorative statue for Lochside Primary School and create three community murals.

Find out more about Kirsty's work by visiting: Kirsty Turpie Community Art