kyna hodges

Curatorial Team Member

 I investigate versions of reality, through an exploration of our relationship with materials, technology and each other.

My projects share an intertwining theme; the intent to explore novel ways of forging new and more hopeful narratives for a more humane and sustainable future. This usually consists of three elements: photography, sculpture and connection/collaboration, either combined into one project or addressed separately.

More specifically I work with one of the oldest photographic processes called wet plate collodion, there are many reasons I am interested in this process; Slow and physical in its creation, each image is unique. It shows the movement of chemicals across a metal plate, and the environment it was taken in. imperfect and lasting it is the antithesis of the ‘selfie’ and consumerist culture. It inspires thoughts of the old, death and mysteries.
The second image on this post is from my project 'Future Deities' which is continuously evolving, but presented as a series of images or deities.  By combining my interest in costume, the Collodion photographic process and my ongoing research into the social impact of technology, I hope to use these images to create spaces for imaginings and conversation.

I am interested in ideas of imperfection and how that relates to our current dependence on technology and the associated aspiration towards technological perfection.
These Deities have been created as a way of looking at the issues that we have in our environment now.

I am trying to create a sense of ambiguity within the images, a sense that the beings in the picture are guiding us or warning us of impending trauma, but in a language we don’t use anymore.  We have to guess at their message and intentions.

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