Katharine Wheeler

Blueprint100 Mentor

As a member of The Stove Curatorial Team Katharine leads for their regional and international partnership development and mentors the youth arm blueprint100.
I am a visual artist with a practice that spans from studio-based painting and drawing to public and socially-engaged work and collaboration.  I aim to be relevant, inclusive and inspirational.  This with a strongly observational based practice, a love of the human figure and a growing interest in the value of creativity in societal change.  

My studio work has been largely an exploration in observational process and technique using oils and mixed media, fast mark-making alongside more considered compositions. I am constantly growing my understanding of creative process – the ability to take a collection of things, or ideas, jumble them up and make something unexpected with them, to try to see in different ways. 

In my approach and thoughts on creative practice I find a fight between “studio” and “community”, “individual” and “public”, Katharine Wheeler the visual artist/painter and Katharine Wheeler the creative thinker, facilitator and instigator.  I have discovered creative process - to explore without predefined outcomes - is part of what an artist can bring into a more socially engaged setting. I find huge inspiration from working with people with endlessly differing perspectives, knowledge and interests.  

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