jordan chisholm

Curatorial Team Member

Hello! I’m Jordan – the new member of the Blueprint100 Curatorial Team and I am over the moon to have been offered this position.

I am originally from Edinburgh, but I moved to Dumfries in 2012 and have called it home since then. I am love with this town. I am in love with the river. I am in love with the possibilities this place holds. I am in love with the way it makes me feel. Like many, I want to make Dumfries a better place - because not everyone loves the place we call home and this feels unsettling. I am eager to create arts opportunities for young people across the region but most of all, I want to create a place in which we are not ashamed of.

For the last four years, I have been studying Contemporary Performance Practice (CPP) at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), in Glasgow. I graduated in July with a First-Class Honours Degree and I still cannot quite believe that happened!

To make art, I believe we must at first listen. My practice, both wilfully interdisciplinary and entirely undisciplined, stems from both an interest in care and a performance art background. It recruits from community engagement, having conversations, performing, collaboration with other humans and inanimate objects, movement and listening. My creative practice is deeply rooted in having conversations – I believee human connection is a vital contribution to the well-being of our individual self.


I love Dumfries. It saddens me that not everyone feels the same about the place I call home. I have made it my artistic mission to do something about this. Committed to community arts practice and particularly interested in the therapeutic role of creativity; my ongoing work resides in community development. I am determined that if we all take a little more time to care for each other and the place in which we live, we will begin to feel much more connected to each other, contributing to better mental health.



Check out some of Jordans own artistic works below: 

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