Blossom mccuaig

Curatorial Team Member

My name is Blossom and I am a visual artist from Dumfries. 

Last year I graduated from Lancaster university with a degree in literature and philosophy. When I began studying I intended to eventually undertake a masters in political science. At some point, however, I realised that I enjoyed and understood the concepts I was learning much more when I illustrated them. Drawing became my way to analyse, deconstruct, adapt and respond to narratives about the human experience. In this way, said narratives have inspired and informed most of what I create now. 

If I have given you the impression that I have my practice figured out, I apologise. While it may be well and good (and true) to say that my work explores philosophical themes, it would be in bad faith to imply that my execution equals its subject matter to any extent. Recognising the gaps in my training, I am always working to elevate my skills and refine my technique, whether that be in my small scale graphite drawings and oil paintings or in my large scale murals. Although I lack a formal arts education, teaching myself methods of figurative/portraiture composition has proved rewarding so far. The human form has always been my favourite vehicle of expression and -in advancing my skills- I hope to be able to communicate through it more accurately. This is what I will be working on for 2019. 

I am also currently involved in two summertime mural projects, one facilitated by Outpost arts in Langholm and the other by the Midsteeple Quarter. The murals I am creating with these organisations have their basis in narratives, either researched by way of community outreach or found in fiction. My biggest inspirations for this project/in life are street artists/muralists such as PichiAvo, Lauren YS, Pat Perry, Linsey Levendall, James Jean, Paola Delfin, Miss Van and Alexis Diaz. For me, street art levels the creative playing field insofar as it involves and belongs to the community, not the gallery. As part of the blueprint100 CT I hope to grow a legit street art scene in Dumfries!

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